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    Enlightened Warrior

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    Enlightened Warrior
    Description: Camo (black/brown/green), turq/purple & fire batik. You are likely someone to be reckoned with. This shirt will likely become a staple of your daily casual wear.
    Size: x-large
    Design: Feather necklace
    Fold type: Vertical 1/2 fold, pleats in semi-circle around neck
    Direction: Necklace hung from shoulder to shoulder around neck
    White space: Balanced and shot through the camo
    Tie-dye color: Camo (black/brown/green)
    Batik color: Turq/purple & fire (fuscia/orange/yellow)
    Ties: 11pt (4/7)
    Most salient zen feature: The irony that will be lost on most, but enjoyed by all.

    Date: April 15, 2007

    All shirts are handmade using Hanes Beefy-T™ 100% cotton shirts and Procion™ fiber reactive dyes. Each shirt is designed as an individual. The process involves folding, tying & dying - drying - seperate front and back wax designs and a 2nd dye application - wax removal and washing. The shirts have been washed thoroughly and are safe to wash with other laundry. Shirts may be a little stiff from batiking and will soften up quickly with wear.

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